Team-Building with the Tilmor Process

Build the team while you’re flying it

Bring the Tilmor Process training to your team, and we’ll create a system for your team to:

  • Exceed expectations
  • Maintain constant communication
  • Work with transparency
  • Solve problems collaboratively
  • Mentor each other
  • Build everyone’s leadership skills

Build the foundation for success

Most team-building trainings are focused on trying to get team members to get along, air out feelings, and learn communication tactics. The Tilmor Process team-building training walks team members through building a system of workflows and processes they all participate in. This co-created system is the foundation for accountability and safety for individual team members, and for the entire team to work together effectively and harmoniously. Once they’re using the process every week, they’ll get along, air out their feelings, and practic good communication organically.

Build stronger as you go

The big benefit of creating these processes with the entire team together is that the team members know what all the obstacles, blocks, and complications are already, as well as what their strengths are. By working together to design the way they want to work together and solve problems, you capture their deep knowledge and end up with a more practical, useful system than you would by bringing in an outside consultant.

Build momentum

The more the team works their processes and systems together, the better they get at working together. They develop economies of scale, increase morale, and get the best out of the team and the individual members. Team members are free to innovate and bring their best selves to work every day. This team-building training pays increasing dividends for your team and the entire organization year after year.

Build your own team-building training

How many teams do you need to train, when do you want to start, and will the managers be involved?

We train one team at a time, because it’s a collaborative process of working together. If you want to train multiple teams in your organization, we’ll schedule the teams for separate sessions.

Training sessions are remote by Zoom, Teams, or whatever your organization prefers. On-site training costs more and takes more lead time to schedule, but we’re happy to do it.

The Tilmor Process team-building training is five sessions over three months:

  • One initial three-hour session (held on a Monday or Tuesday so your team can start using the process that same week)
  • Follow-up two-hour session three weeks later
  • Three one-hour follow-up guidance sessions, each three weeks after the previous session

Some teams are largely self-managed. If your team has an active manager, there are two additional sessions especially for the manager to learn their role and tasks in the team processes.

Team members will need to bring their full attention to the training sessions, but it won’t suck much emotional energy from them. This training is designed to set the team up for continuously-unfolding gains, not one isolated experience that feels good for the length of the training but then fades quickly. Teams will see benefits even before everyone is bought in to the process ideologically, so if only a few people get into it right away, everyone else will come along as they see it working.

Let’s talk to see if this is what your team needs to lay the foundation to become greater than the sum of its individual team members. Email me at magda @ tilmorgroup dot com and tell me how big your team is and what their main frustration is, and we can set a time to talk through whether this is the solution for you.