People leave jobs because of bad managers. Learn to be the best manager your people have ever had.

Be a better manager in three hours. Introduction to the Tilmor Process self-serve online course for managers, open now. $395, three hours, and get started using the Tilmor Process with your team before you’ve even finished the course. Click here to buy the course. Click here to find out more.

The Tilmor Process* is a weekly process you do with your team to clear the blocks that are preventing them from doing their best work and let them engage with the work, their team, and you, their manager.

The part of the process your team does every week is comically simple and should take them 5-10 minutes.

The part of the process you do is nuanced, requires some bravery, and gets easier and more fun the more you do it. We teach you how to start and then walk with you through the first few months of the process.

Join a training to learn how to do the Tilmor Process to manage your people really, really well. We can train multiple managers in your organization remotely or on site, or you can join one of our training cohorts online. All training includes:

  • Learning the process
  • Language to roll out the process to your team
  • Response patterns for the first few stages of implementation
  • Individual coaching using your data from your people
  • Response patterns for ongoing phases of implementation
  • Three months of ongoing support

The Tilmor Process is the tool you need to manage your people, not just projects.

The Tilmor Process works. We did a grant-funded study on using it in an industry not known for needing a lot of managing structure (academic librarians) and it outperformed expectations. Read the journal article about it here: From Accidental to Intentional Library Management

Magda Pecsenye, creator of the Tilmor Process

Excellent managing is:

A process. Somehow it’s drifted into the cultural mythology that you have to learn a complicated set of skills to be able to manage people effectively, or that you’re born knowing how to manage well. Neither of these are true. You just have to consistently follow a process that gets you the information you need that tells you what to do to manage each of your people well.

The same everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re managing a sports team or a team of lawyers at a big firm or a gang of unruly creatives at a boutique agency or a shift of firefighters. The same cultural barriers to managing based on accurate data exist everywhere and the same process can be molded to get the data you need to free your people to do their best work. Across industries, profit models, and org structures.

Replicable. I’ve explained the Tilmor Process to my seatmate on an airplane and had them message me weeks later that it was changing their work life. Because the process is so simple, logical, and drama-free, it’s easy to teach and genuinely fun to watch the layers of engagement and trust unfold the longer you do it.

The Tilmor Process works, and it works better when the entire organization is doing it. Bring us in to teach you to use it and follow you through the first three months, or join one of our open training cohorts. Email us at magda @ tilmorgroup dot com or call us at 313.355.3385 and we’ll call you back to start planning your training.

*The Tilmor Process used to be called RISWS.