Case Studies

One manager who was newly hired to a department that had been without a manager for a year previously encountered hostility from the team members from the day they started. After two months of establishing trust by using the Tilmor Process, the manager was trusted with the information that a previous manager had engaged in illegal activity and had forced the complicity of the rest of the department. This manager was able to protect their team members while they reported the crimes and establish a new baseline of rewarding transparency that boosted morale and engagement immediately.

A department head found that the Tilmor Process unfolded itself in two distinct stages for her team. The first was discovering chronic supply chain issues that were preventing or causing unnecessary friction in her team members’ ability to do their jobs well and without frustration. The head and team members worked together to come up with some clever and creative solutions to these issues.

Once those issues are resolved, another layer of problems became apparent. External organizations were causing scheduling problems that team members felt powerless to resolve or even mitigate, and this was causing frustration and true resentment in the team members toward these external organizations. Once the department head identified that this was a problem that they could work to troubleshoot, and that it was worth the effort to try to alleviate even if they didn’t succeed, team members were able to leave their (justifiable) feelings behind and work around the situation.

A manager whose team was made up of part-time freelance employees asked them to do the Tilmor Process, and discovered that just the act of asking them made them value their contributions more and feel more secure in their own expertise. They became more confident in their work and offered a range of suggestions to improve the work process for the entire team. The one employee who had been hoarding information to flex power quit after a month of the Tilmor Process.

A flat organization that started using the Tilmor Process discovered that they’d been duplicating efforts and wasting money. They made it a priority to work through the reporting process together each week and tightened the work flow of the organization, clarified individual responsibilities and priorities, and saved money while becoming more efficient. Team spirit and cooperation improved as they worked through the process together.

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