Bring the Tilmor Process to your organization

Let’s talk about what your organization is like and how entrenched the patterns are that you want to improve. If the Tilmor Process makes sense for your organization, then we plan the training:


How many managers are in your organization and how many will be learning the Tilmor Process?

What do we want to measure during pretesting and after six months of using the Tilmor Process?

What do we predict will be the timeline for different stages of success of the process, based on the unique culture and structure of your organization?


We set the time and date of the initial training, and whether it will be in-person or by webinar. (The cost is the same, with the addition of travel costs for in-person training.)

We do initial training sessions on Mondays or Tuesdays, so your managers can begin using the process that week.


We set the follow-up group trainings and individual calls for the next twelve weeks.


We clarify metrics for when each manager and team switches from the problem solving phase of the Tilmor Process to the leadership development phase, and how to support that switch.


We send you language to use to introduce the Tilmor Process to your managers and invite them to the training.

Call 313.355.3385 or email magda @ tilmorgroup dot com to figure out when the Tilmor Process can transform your organization.